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1500 Calorie Diet Menu

1500 Calorie Diet Menu

A 1500 calorie diet is below the normal amount of calorie of between 2000 and 2500. For this reason the 1500 calorie diet should be administered only after consulting a qualified medical doctor for advice and direction. This is because it is very difficult to meet the nutritional needs at all times. 

A 1500 calorie diet plan or less is usually recommended when a serious step need to be taken in order to improve the current health matters in a situation where the weight seems to pose danger to life. Therefore, the 1500 calorie meal plan and other more restricted diets than this can be suggested just to ensure that preventive measures and surgeries could be administered. 

It should be noted that such restricted diet is administered when there is a serious need to correct a certain problem that if not attended to in good time life can be put at risk. The 1500 calorie diet plan is therefore an effective way of losing weight within a short while. 

The diet works very effectively when applied according to the doctor’s instructions. It is a good idea to keep in mind that any individual should not attempt the diet before consulting a physician.

It is wise to consider your own energy needs in terms of calories as compared to your body weight. This measure should be taken so that you don’t expose yourself to a diet that will makes you to go hungry unnecessarily. 

There is a possibility of suffering from hunger pains by exposing oneself to a diet that is very low in terms of calories. In that case, when preparing your 1500 calorie diet menu, ensure that you consider your daily energy needs.

Healthy 1500 Calorie Diet Menu

Here is a suggested 1500 calorie diet menu that can help you to realize your goals of reducing your weight and living a healthy life. You should make sure that your 1500 calorie diet is a balanced diet and contains the same high nutritious foods as those listed below:

  • You can take a cup of oatmeal squares
  • 3 oz of skim milk (without fat)
  • A medium size banana or a 3 oz of apple juice

Midmorning snack
  • Take a glass of skim milk mixed with a half a cup of blueberries.
  • 7 TLC – kasha original whole grain

  • Take 3 slices of flax and fiber bread
  • Have a table spoonful of natural butter
  • A table spoonful of low sugar jam
  • One medium orange
  • 7 carrot sticks

Afternoon snack
  • Take 75 calories of cottage cheese or pick on any food worth 75 calories. You may settle on a snack which contains 75 calories.

  • Prepare a large salad
  • 1-3 cups spinach leaves with salad greens.
  • One three ounce chicken breast fillet with 3 table spoonful of salsa
  • A whole wheat dinner roll with a table spoonful of butter
  • A small glass of white wine

The above is the main idea about the menu. The food stuffs may be changed depending on what is available around you. Ensure that the meal is a balanced diet and the total amount of calories should not exceed 1500. Good luck