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7 Powerful Reasons Why They Should Start Their Own MLM

7 Powerful Reasons Why They Should Start Their Own MLM

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is one of the best ways of doing business. People who have not yet been involved in a business based on the Multilevel Marketing, simply do not know the benefits or are in a very good economic situation.

For those who still do not have a MLM based business I have continued 7 powerful reasons why they should start their own MLM based business in the shortest time possible.

1. The chances of success are greater

20% of people who start MLM business achieve success. Yes, 20% earn approximately 80% of the money that drives the company they work for. This also works in the neighborhood council in my ward, 20% of members attend and participate in 80% of activities.

The famous 20/80 rule also applies in the MLM. Many people do not advance in their MLM business because of lack of motivation, they are not prepared to be your own boss, and many simply because they are trained properly. But people with adequate motivation, good training in a solid company, has a greater chance for success in your business.

But if you think some 20% of success, starting a traditional business has a bleak picture. According to the Federal Agency for the Development of the Small Business Administration (SBA), at least 50% of small businesses close in their first year and this figure increases to 95% fail within five years. This means that if you start a traditional business, after 5 years working 12 hours a day, I only have a 5% chance of success. The truth those numbers do not like at all.

2. Investment costs are lower

Most MLM companies based on the need for a monthly or annual contribution to maintain the status of a distributor or an affiliate, this contribution normally keeps the system running, the costs can range from $ 10 per month to $ 100, depending on the company .

For some people it may seem a lot for spending $ 100 a month, then the following numbers put him in a traditional business expenses: rent, utilities (water, electricity, etc.), inventory, insurance, taxes, employees, to mention something .

You do not have to be rich or to acquire large debts to have your business based at home. Indeed MLM based businesses are the same as giving everyone the same chance to succeed, no matter your current financial status.

3. It is easy to administer

When starting a traditional business you should at least hire an accountant and a secretary / to keep all aspects of administration, paperwork, receipts, books etc.. If you do not hire them, you’ll spend most of time doing these activities.

With an MLM business, usually the company that manages all these steps, the dealer or member should only have to update your records for income taxes and recording their own activities. This leaves you more time and energy to grow your business.

4. It is easier to promote

People who have business, “traditional” have strong headaches from strong advertising. They have to hire people to design their logos, develop promotional material, carry out a campaign to allow them to attract clients.

Companies working with MLM marketing system are tested and used by many people with successful results. They are professionally produced their own promotional material which has a lower cost and is also very effective.

5. Constant training

I really do not need to know how their service or product to succeed in MLM. The company which has joined all the work and research and usually hire the best people to train them as the company’s success is tied to the success of their affiliates or dealers. In a traditional business has to find the training they need on their own. 

6. You pay less tax

Having a business based at home will help you lower taxes, since it has no office, no employees, only to pay sales taxes.

7. Multilevel Marketing is the future of all businesses

Due to significant advantages of the MLM is becoming a trend of our times, even large firms are making the changes necessary to join this trend.